Wedding Flower Packages

Hello!! We are so glad that you are interested in booking us for your wedding florals! Listed below are the different packages we offer for weddings. The package pricing gives us the flexibility to shop around for great prices and the best seasonal flowers. This is how we make each wedding unique and breathtaking.                                             


Small Brides Bouquet
Small Attendant Bouquet
2 Boutonnières  
---------------------- $250+


Brides Bouquet
2 Attendant Bouquets
6 Boutonnières
2 Corsages
Flower Crown
Mini Bout. 
---------------------- $575+


Brides Bouquet
5 Attendant Bouquets
10 Boutonnières
4 Corsages 
Flower Crown
Mini Bout. 
---------------------- $1000+

Please email us to inquire about booking at